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Crystal Brothers


Synergetic™ Structural Integration
Massage Therapy
Stott Pilates®


Connecting through nurturing massage, educated movement, and empowerment in body and spirit.



Massage Therapy

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I offer Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Joint Mobilization, and Stretching. Relax your muscles, soothe your senses and rejuvenate your spirit. Young Living Essential Oils can be added to your massage at no extra cost. Appointments are complementary to your schedule with a wide variety of session lengths, suited to your specific needs. 


Synergetic™ Structural Integration

As a Certified Synergetic™ Structural Integrator, I offer my most favorite form of manual therapy in 60 or 90 minute sessions. If you have tight muscles, stiff joints, or chronic pain, it might be your fascia. Deep fascia surrounds every organ, muscle, and bone much like the individual sections of an orange. Superficial fascia surrounds and binds all the sections together giving it support and form, like the white sheet of connective tissue just underneath the orange peel, or our skin. You most likely have heard of plantar fasciitis, which is tight fascia in the sole of the foot. Fascial tightness is uncomfortable and leads to poor posture, creates imbalances and dysfunction in movement patterns, and can make it feel like you are in conflict with gravity on a daily basis. 

        Synergetic™ Structural Integration, inspired by the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, combines soft tissue manipulation and movement education to restore the body to its natural state of alignment and balance along the vertical lines of gravity. By finding specific areas of tightness and restoring the integrity of your fascial system, gravity gently lifts and supports your body, rather than pulling it down. Healthy fascia leads to improved posture and balance, facilitates flexibility and ease of movement, and enhances physical performance.


45 minutes - $85
60 minutes- $100
75 minutes- $115
90 minutes- $130

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Create positive change in your body and a greater sense of resilience in your system with Synergetic™ Structural Integration. 

60 minutes- $150
90 minutes- $195


Stott Pilates®

As a Certified Stott Pilates® Instructor, I offer private lessons specifically designed for your individual needs. Whether you are just starting out or coming back from injury, wanting to tone and stretch your muscles in a gentle way, or are looking for an intense strengthening and cardio workout, I can meet you where you are on your movement and exercise journey. 

Private lessons in Stott Pilates®
or Ballet, or my favorite, a Pilates/Ballet combination.

30 minutes- $70
45 minutes- $85
60 minutes- $100
75 minutes- $115
90 minutes- $130



As a Ballet Instructor, I offer private lessons specifically designed for your individual needs. Ballet fills my heart with joy, and I feel genuinely purposed to pass along this beautiful craft to all ages and levels.

*Your comfort is important to me! All equipment is thoroughly sanitized, including the use of UV light. For your protection, I wear a mask and shield, and the room is equipped with a sanitization station, and an air purifier with ionizer and UV/Clight. Pristine linens, beautiful surroundings, and my table await you.


Crystal Brothers


As a professional ballerina for 25 years, the combination of Stott Pilates®, Massage Therapy, and Synergetic™ Structural Integration helped me reach and maintain my fullest potential. I was able to pursue my dream with support, not only for my body, but also my mind and spirit. I believe that self-care and maintenance build a strong foundation from which your highest intentions are realized. My dream has expanded, and I have the opportunity to share my passion for all the things I love, right here at Crystal's Body Shop.

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“ I am a student ballet dancer and am fairly prone to injuries. I was recovering from a stress fracture in my back when I first started working with Crystal, and with her patience and positivity I fully recovered and was able to ease my way back into dancing. Crystal has infectious positivity, and was able to personalize the pilates we did to best suit where my body was at as I recovered.”

– Lena Embry

5 stars on google

"As a former dancer I have always respected, admired and appreciated the work of physical therapists and massage therapists. There is nothing better than the healing touch of someone with the experience and expertise as Crystal. She helped me when we danced together and now she is helping me to stay in shape physically and mentally for the demanding job that is to be a costume director. Thanks Crystal!! 🙏🏽 Today I got a Structural Integration session as a gift from a friend. It was incredible!!!! If you need some healing love for you or a loved one you should come visit Crystal’s Body Shop."

- maria gabriela moros diaz

"Crystal is top-notch. She's professional, talented, and dedicated. I ALWAYS look forward to my massages with her. She really listens to you when you say something is bothering you and also pays attention to how your body reacts in the moment. She's wonderful!"

- Carly Crawford

"Crystal helped me work through a foot injury that kept me from jogging and seriously limited my ability to do many other exercises for over a year. With her Structural Integration she addressed not only my foot, but also the connections to many other muscles that impacted my movement. She listens to me and I know I’m in good hands every session.
Crystal has made a significant impact on my alignment and ability to work through injury to healing. Sessions with Crystal are now a regular part of my routine.
I highly recommend"

- Susannah Barton

"Ahoy there, fellow seekers of serenity and professional kneading! If you're on the quest for someone who's a maestro in the world of muscle manipulation, you've just struck gold—meet Crystal.

As someone who used to be on the other side of the massage table (yep, a retired Massage Therapist here!), my standards are as high as Mount Everest, but Crystal scales it effortlessly every time. 🏔️

First things first, the ambiance—imagine stepping into a zen garden where not even a tweet would disturb you. That's how much Crystal values your 'me-time'. Trust me, in this world that's buzzing with beeps, blips, and boops, you're gonna want to go analog for a bit. 🛑🔕

The hands—let's talk about Crystal's magical paws. She's got the touch that’s the perfect blend of 'aaah' and 'that's the spot!' It's almost as if her hands converse with your muscles. 🤝

The best part? She respects my quiet zone. Like a librarian of the body, she knows when to hush and let your mind go on its own little journey, floating on a cloud of relaxation. 🌈

So if you’re looking to press the pause button on life and escape into a bubble of bliss, Crystal is your go-to guru. Book her now, thank me later! 🙏

Ciao for now, but never ciao for good. See you at our next rejuvenation rendezvous! 🌟"

- Mike Blumenthal

"I feel extremely lucky that Crystal was recommended to me by my doctor! She has been working with me on Structural Integration and it has been life altering to be able to move joints and muscles again like they are supposed to move. She is very professional and the atmosphere is super relaxing and comfortable! I highly recommend her services!"

- Terry O'Roark

"I would highly recommend Crystal’s Body Shop. Crystal is an extremely knowledgeable Massage Therapist and she has also helped me feel so much better through Structural Integration!"

- Phoebe Magna




1541 Overton Park Memphis, TN, 38112

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